ABC easy as 1..2..3

A book is truly judged by its cover. I first saw this book in one of my Knitting Daily email updates. I51YbyFhGuDL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_ loved the colors of the yarn and the shapes of the letters.

This stayed in my junk folder as I debated for about a week if I was going to purchase it. I am so happy I have added this book to my knitting library.

All I had to do was pick my first letter so, I decided to knit K for my daughter. I was ready for battle with much ripping and starting and stopping. But, to my shock it was easier than I was expecting. I was able to finish my letter in about a day. Well, technically, it took me a week because I got half way through it in 1/2 a day and I put it down until I got the stuffing I needed to fill the letter.

Sometimes that how I knit.






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