Cozy Hat, Cozy Mountain

We had been planning for two weeks to go up to Paradise, Mt. Rainier. But, all of my family got the flu. It took me two weeks just to get over it. Finally, today we were well enough to venture out!


It was a great day – well, after I fought with the tire chains and got them to stop whacking & clunking. Sigh.

I just happened to have a stash of slouchy beanies to choose from to keep me warm. This pattern was easy and I actually looked like I was trying to have some style. (If only they knew I didn’t really care.) I bought this book down below from my local Ben Franklin craft store and all it took was one good sized skein.


It took me about 6 hours to get one of Easy-Going done. I’ve made many colors of this pattern, but my favorite is the off-white. My daughter wore the dark purple one and she kept telling me how cozy it was. I made one with Seahawk colors and it was a little thicker & softer yarn that made for a bigger hat. It was perfect for someone with much thicker hair than me. All these hats look fun, but I like simple patterns with beautiful yarn.


Stay cozy!


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