Great Gusset Gap

Fingerless mitts are a quick project to whip up and have a lot of different patterns to choose from. I’ve seen patterns for straight and circular needles that all turn out so nice. I’ve found one pattern in particular that works very well for me.

Your First Fingerless Gloves pattern was something I found on Ravelry using the circular needle option. To be honest I chose it because of the nice name. I thought it couldn’t hurt to try and now I’ve made about seven pairs!

The fit is nice and snug around the wrist due to the ribbing and looser around the palm area once the stitches turn to garter. If your hand is a bit smaller than average you would have to do some math with the stitches to make the fit better.

After I made my first pair I noticed an airy gap at the base of the tumb. So, I got to work on the next pair using a trick I learned turn the heel gap knitting socks.

IMG_3303In this picture I have all the needles ready to start on the thumb according the the pattern above with five stitches on each needle. Knit the first round and get ready to use the sock trick at the end of the first round.

IMG_3305IMG_3307Pick up one stitch close enough to the top of the thumb at the end of the round.


IMG_3309Pick up one stitch on the other side of the thumb in the same manner.

Knit all the way around, but knit those two extra stitches together – now you have the same stitches you started out with.

IMG_3311I hope that makes sense because once you finish the thumb stitches and put your mitts on you won’t see any skin poking through. (Besides your finger tips!) Any more hints I learn I’ll be sure to share. Enjoy these fun mitts.



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