The Whole Skein and Nothing But the Skein

Am I the only knitter that can’t stand to toss out even the smallest skein of yarn? I can’t count the one or two inch balls of yarn I’ve had left over from a project that I think some day…. some day….

But, who am I kidding? Those little things just sit there with so much unused potential. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hoarder, I just like the satisfied feeling of accomplishment when the whole skein is gone. It’s the same psychological effect after checking off all the items on a To-Do List. Go ahead and call me weird.

When I knit the fingerless gloves in the Great Gusset Gap post I still had a little less then half a skein left. Not enough for another set of gloves but too much to just let sit there. Well, I had to do something with it. My first thought was a matching hat, but there was not enough in the skein for a whole hat. I’d have to buy more yarn just to finish a whole hat and then I’d be right back where I started – extra yarn left over.

However, I could use my basic hat pattern to make something smaller that would use up the left over skein. A headband or ear warmer was the pattern I needed. If I was going to make a decent size band I had to use a large size needle. It worked very well and fit nicely – not too tight.

Yarn for both gloves & head band: Patons Canadiana (192 yds), Medium Weight #4, Worsted



Instructions for fingerless gloves: Ravelry Link Your First Fingerless Gloves

Instructions for headband/ ear warmer: With needle size: #10, cast on 96 stitches & join in the round.

Pattern: K1, P1 until item reaches 4″ then bind off loosely.

To make sure you have enough yarn for the gloves knit them first and use remainder for headband.

Enjoy & keep warm.





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