How does that stitch go? Top Video Sites

Knitting requires a plethora of patterns and being able to read and picture how they go. I am a very visual person, so when I read how a pattern goes and can’t picture it in my mind I have to see it being done.

Thankfully, there are wonderful knitting websites out there to show me (& you!) how you can get through your pattern. This is my “TOP TEN” list go-to websites for when I get stuck.


# 1 New Stitch a Day

Free site with very extensive site with every stitch you can think of. Professionally shot videos and easy search. They not only have knitting, but crochet as well. The site doesn’t have that ‘cozy’ feel so it feels a bit cold.


#2 Very Pink

Another free site with stylish & cute not to mention cool. Step by step videos shot from top down with clear visuals. The videos are slow and repetitive which are very helpful when you’re trying to knit and watch at the same time. Also teaching videos on how to make your own designs and how to alter patterns to fit your yarn.

178x125xpromo-cards.gif.pagespeed.ic.HHQACogeBt #3 Knitting Help

This was the first free video knitting website I found when I was stuck with a pattern many years ago. I still love it, but the videos are kind of grainy and sometimes her hands move out of shot view. I still recommend it to new knitters because the name is so easy to remember!

icon175x175#4 Knitting Daily

Not so much a tutorial website as the others, but still filled with lots of good resources. Most of it is free after you sign up for a free account. It has good daily news letters, but most of their online classes require a fee.


ll4#5 Learn to Knit

Simple, free website for beginners. The list of 36 videos is not very extensive for experienced knitters but the videos are still clear.


Although you may find many places online to help you get through your pattern, the best location is your local yarn shop! My favorite shop is not only a place where I can get help but also catch up with knitting friends. Nothing is better than knitting with friends and making new ones along the way.


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