Keeping Memories Close

Not all handmade items have to be knitted in order to be able to hold wonderful memories for many years.

When my daughter was a little toddler we couldn’t go on walks or to the park with out her picking up some piece of nature begging me to let her keep it. She would find pieces of robin egg shells in the spring, dried roses in the summer, and of course beautiful bright colored leaves in the autumn.

As a new mom I was torn between keeping all precious items she gave me and not wanting to carry a bucket with me everywhere. I also had the added issue of what to do with all the neat stuff my daughter found. For a while I kept it in a small window box in our old house. The window was situated right in front of the kitchen sink so every time we did dishes together we admired the treasures.

After a while I started to find neat things too and our collection multiplied. It started to look like a mess more than memory trinkets. I had to do something before the pile grew to big and my husband began to wonder if I was becoming a hoarder.

I wanted to be able to display some of these beautiful items and keep memories of these young years close at hand. My husband and I decided many years ago that we would only have one child, so we would only experience these toddler years once.

I was able to solve my problem when I saw a beautiful hinged shadow box at my local yarn and craft store, Ben Franklin. Most of the decor in my home is eclectic with local antiques and collectibles from our time of living in Japan. Adding a shadow box full of trinkets was the perfect match.


My daughter and I spent an afternoon arranging a pretty display in the box recalling all the stories behind each thing we pinned in.




We continue to add items from walks or family vacations adding memories and natural beauty to our wall. I always look forward to each time we get to add to our shadow box.


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