Simple Circular

I enjoyed the quick circular knitting of the little baby dress in my last post so much that I thought I would try my hand at a circular sweater. To avoid getting discouraged for my first attempt I used a child size pattern. Child size is perfect for trying something new. However, I actually didn’t know I was going to knit a sweater until I saw the yarn.


 Berroco Vintage DK

The color looked so classic & cozy and the yarn fiber was perfect for wash & wear. I couldn’t wait to make something with it. Since I bought the yarn before I had a pattern (which is kind of dangerous) I had to purchase enough of it. My estimation ended up working out because when I was finished with the sweater I only had 1/2 skein left.

I found a pattern that looked complicated but simple from a very nice blogger Whistling Girl Knits.  I love her pattern design style & my guess is because she’s a Pacific Northwest girl like me. Her free pattern of Leif’s Twisted Tree Pullover was so cute and perfect for the little boy I was making it for.


The main body for the sweater was very simple to understand and knitted up very quick. The twists looked complicated but were easy to do and it helped that I had previous cable experience. The twists going down the side was elegant but not stuffy and bulky like some cabled sweaters can look. Once I had the main body done, the sleeves were next and they too were quick and easy.

Since this was my first circular knit sweater I had a hard time picturing in my head how to attach the sleeves to the main body. I went to YouTube and searched for a simple instructional video on attaching sleeves in circular knitting. I had to at least see it being done since I am a visual learner. Once I did that I was able to get the sleeves on!


I quickly became frustrated because I didn’t realize how tight the needle would be at this point in the pattern. I wish there was a circular needle that had tiny ends making it easier to knit around the sleeves. After I was able to slowly get this done the yoke was next and it finally started to look like a sweater.


I got a little too excited that I was almost finished and accidentally made the neck way too small. Before I gave it to the little boy it was for I ripped out and re-did the neck.


When I blocked the sweater I could see that I had made a few mistakes in my knitting, but they were only noticeable to me (and anyone I pointed them out to).


Over all I think the sweater turned out very nice and that’s because of the very forgiving design by the designer. You should check out her blog – all her patterns are lovely. I follow her on Instagram and we are neighbors now on Ravelry. It’s amazing what you find in the knitting community.


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