Sweet Knitting in the Summer Time

There are many things that binds all knitters together. One of them is the fact we hardly ever knit items for ourselves. About six months ago I was bound and determined to knit a vest for myself. I picked a very cute pattern book with easy to understand directions and lots of styles to choose. The yarn was a soft lovely gray alpaca/acrylic mix that was going to be simple to wash and wear.

Notice my grammar “was”. That’s because I never got around to finishing the vest. Sigh….. I found a huge sizing mistake around the collar after I had finished the front. I had all the good intentions of ripping it out and starting over. However, the soft yarn was too fuzzy, to rip out without making knots. So, the rest of the yarn and the pieces of the vest sat untouched.

Now that warm weather has started just the thought about fuzzy yarn makes my hands clammy. So, I kept my eye out for a nice pattern that called for cotton. I came across Purl Soho’s Tulip Tank Top two months ago on my Pinterest feed and hoped for a day that I could knit one up for myself.

The pattern called for linen and after pricing it out I realized the tank top would be close to $200! Don’t get me wrong – good yarn is not cheep & there is nothing wrong with that. The next option I found was bamboo and in the same color that was in the pattern picture. I have been working on it for about three weeks now making steady progress.

What I like about it so far is the clean design and the drape of the gauge. The continuous stockinette pattern makes it easy to knit up with out having to stress too much on the written instructions.


This is my first time using bamboo yarn and the silky, cotton feel is so plush & light. Bamboo yarn is also the perfect accessory for knitting outside on a warm sunny day. I’ve been taking my project with me on all my errands. Since I am my daughter’s taxi for now I spend a lot of time waiting around. So, that means plenty of time to keep working on the tank top. After a few late, late nights I finished the bottom of the tank top and have begun the right side shaping.

My goal is to have this finished by the end of May so, make sure you check back and see if I make it by then!


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