Tip Toe Through the Tulips – Tank is Done

For those of you following me on Instagram you have seen my steady progress of the Tulip Tank Top. My goal was to have it done before the end of May. Too bad I wasn’t finished early enough to pose in it while holding some tulips. Would that have been too corny? I’m a mom of a teenager, so I guess that is required.



Back Yard Tulips

Over all I would give this pattern a FIVE STAR rating. Why? Let me break it down.

Directions: Very easy to follow and perfect information for step-by-step. It included how to do the wrap and turn, but not the M1L (make 1 left) & M1R (make 1 right). However, those directions are right on Purl Bee’s (by Purl Soho) website. I don’t expect all patterns to include how to do all the stitches unless the intricate stitch they are doing is a huge part of the pattern. That was the case with the wrap and turn – it was the main shaping for the tulip look at the bottom of the tank.




Design: One word – dreamy. I cannot stand tank tops that come down way too low, have skimpy shoulder straps or huge arm holes. Tulip Tank Top does not have any of those. The neck is high, but elegant, straps will hide any bra strap and arm holes are roomy but modest.

As I neared the end of the project I was getting nervous because the front was coming out a little bit higher than the back. But I wasn’t going to freak until I attached the straps. IF it looked bad at that point then I would take out the back part and try and figure out what I did. I must have done it right because it worked perfectly with the rolled neck line design.

Yarn: The pattern called for Louet Euroflax and looked so beautiful. For my size I was going to need five hanks and the cost per hank was out of my range. I didn’t give up but was determined to find a yarn that would fit the gauge. I literally stumbled upon Bamboo Pop Yarn at Yorkshire Yarns in Lakewood, Washington because it did really “pop” out at me on the shelf. After I studied the gauge of the linen yarn in the original pattern I knew I was looking at the right yarn for the tank top. The added bonus was the fact that the bamboo yarn was in the same color as the picture on the pattern page.




This was the first time I had knitted with bamboo yarn and it felt like a cross between cotton and silk. I liked the fact that the bamboo gave a little bit more stability to the cotton. It should hold its color and shape much longer than regular cotton. I am very excited for this so I can wear it more.

I am so happy with the project. For the main reason this is something I will wear on a regular basis. Shawls, hats and scarves are nice, but they can get kind of boring. Well, not boring, but I don’t know – too bulky. At this point in my life I need things that don’t add to the bulk I already have.

If you are wondering why I didn’t pose in the tank top you’ll have to check my Instagram feed to find out what it looks like on me. Maybe I’ll wear it on Mother’s Day if the spring time weather here in the Pacific Northwest cooperates.


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