Cozy Cashmere Footsies

I haven’t made a ton of socks in the past because they are items that need good gauge and construction to make it worth your while.

A while ago I made my first pair of socks for a friend and I never heard from them if they fit. Not sure if that’s a good thing, or it’s like the ‘grandma sweater’ situation. You know what I mean…. the one sweater that doesn’t fit, but you don’t have the heart to tell granny because you know how long it must have taken her to make.

Oh well, that’s ok. It gives me more chances to master the great sock gauge by practicing on socks for me. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I started by getting a nice cashmere merino blend from Three Irish Girls. I fell in love with all the colors and could not leave My Yarn Heaven with out having it in my grubby knitter hands.

Searching through my faithful sock pattern book once I got home I found a plain rib disign so the colors could stand out. I took the time to measure my foot and even made a swatch (but you better believe I ripped it out so I could use all the precious cashmere). I checked the sizing chart, cast on and away I went.

Spoiler: cashmere is a dream to hold while knitting. When I finished the heel turn and gusset I slipped the coziness over my toes. I wish I had taken a picture. I must have measured wrong, they were soooo baggy. Baggy everywhere that is except my calves. I also did not like how the lovely colors were getting all jumbled with the stitch pattern.


I searched for another pattern on Ravelry with a plain design and found the Just Right Sock. It called for a smaller needle than what I had used on my other sock pattern. But, I knew the number of cast-on would not work for my curvy calves. Not a problem, I just doubled the cast on and reduced after I was done with the ribbing.


This slight alteration worked great and for once my calves weren’t being cut off by a tight cast on. The ribbing of the rest of the patern made the socks just snug enough to stay up.

I have to say that the pattern is truly just right! I followed it just like the pattern designer suggested and everything was so simple. I think the gauge was nice and snug, but not too tight. I can’t wait to ear them with my blown clogs this fall and be all cozy all the way down to my toesies.



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