The Hat That Could Be Socks

Before I bought Three Irish Girls cashmere sock yarn I had picked up a beautiful skein of hand painted sock yarn from Yorkshire Yarns. The color was way out of the norm for me, called Koi Pond, from Abstract Fiber in Portland, Oregon. I didn’t fall in love with the tuti-fruiti, jelly bean-like colors per say. I just really liked the fact that it was Pacific Northwest Local and it would push me outside my comfort zone. 

With the confidence gained from the Just Right Socks I began a more difficult pattern with the hand painted yarn. The chevron style shaping in the pattern really brought out all the subtle colors sprinkled through out the skein. The pattern itself wasn’t all that difficult with only two rows to keep track of. All was going well until it got about four inches down the leg of the sock.

That’s when I couldn’t stand it anymore. I couldn’t stand the fact it wasn’t soft enough. It was just a merino and nylon mix, but my gauge made it feel like acrylic to me. Another problem – it was going to be too tight around my “feminine” calves. So I had to ask myself, did I really want to frog it all and start over with a larger needle gauge? Or should I just find something else different to make with it? 

I wasn’t too keen on having the yarn next to my feet, so the sock was frogged and I used a pattern I found on Ravelry for a sock yarn hat – Basic Beanie.

Much better choice for me, I have to say. The shape and gauge of the pattern accentuated the delicate sock weight yarn. The drape of the slouch was not too heavy and the wide brim made it so you can fold it for less slouch or leave it unfolded for more slouch.

Knitting a hat with sock yarn takes a little longer, but I think it looks neater than some hats in worsted weight. I enjoyed how the color of the Koi Pond came out like a circus or fairies. I don’t think this will be one I keep for myself, but we will see how well it does at my next craft fair.


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