Sharing the Knitting Love

There’s been a huge gap in my blog posts! Well, I wasn’t THAT consistent in the first place, but that’s besides the point. When I wrote the previous post on brioche knitting I actually designed the pattern for my new job – Knitting Instructor at Ben Franklin Crafts!

I only work part time at the store and then have classes in the evening once a week.  The previous knitting instructor, Millie, was not only a fabulous knitter, but a more than competent crocheter and seamstress. I loved coming into Ben Franklin many times to get help on my knitting and to show her my accomplishments. I had considered her my “British knitting mother” and she saw my daughter grow from a 5 year old handful to a lovely young lady. One day (before she retired) I had been telling Millie how my daughter would soon be leaving home next year for college and I knew that there would be a big shift for me. In the next moment I asked her if I could get an application as she turned to me and asked if I thought of working at the store. That was in August and now we are starting December. Millie has retired and moved across state. Thankfully, I still follow her on Facebook so I hope to keep in touch with her.

Little did I know how much time a part time job would take away from coming up with blog post ideas. I’ve had to “hit the ground running” because Millie retired only a few weeks after I was hired. Working at the craft store for more than a decade she accumulated a huge following of ladies that loved to come just to see her. Thankfully, the store hired another very competent knitter/crocheter/seamstress – Pam. She is a hoot and I’m so jealous of her! She owns her own alpaca farm and spins! We’ve been having so much fun bouncing around ideas for the yarn department.

So, what’s it like to instruct others in their adventure of yarn and knitting? My homeschool mom instincts have helped a lot, that’s for sure! Overall it’s kind of humbling, nerve wrecking, and exciting all at the same time! I’ve helped many friends on a casual basis with their knitting and I’ve taught many children. It’s completely different when someone asks you “hey, I made a mistake, what did I do and how do I fix it?” Thankfully, I’ve had a lot of experience with fixing mistakes because I’ve made a ton myself that I’ve had to correct.


The first “official” project I offered was a cute, quick little pumpkin.

Being the knitting instructor has been so rewarding as I see the joy on another knitters face when they’ve been able to fix a mistake, understand a pattern, or finish a beautiful new project. I get so excited when they stop by during my regular part time hours and check in with me on how their doing with their knitting projects.

I’m looking forward to offering specialized classes on different knitting techniques, increase knitting speed and making fancy or easy projects to challenge those who want it in order to improve their knitting. I’ll be posting more of my adventures as a knitting instructor that’s for sure!

As a side note my infant knitting business has jump started! I had one craft fair in November and am getting ready for one in December. I’ll post about those next time. Thanks for following my adventure.

I am curious what your own knitting lesson experiences are – let me know if you’d like!


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