Small Seattle Events

At the beginning of 2015 I thought for sure I was going the route of craft fairs to sell my knitted items. The Pacific Northwest is full of wonderfully talented artists that make many unique items. As I started investigating locations for craft fairs I found Facebook groups like: Puget Sound Vendors, Crafters & Event Planners, Washington Vendor Events and Pierce County Handmade & Refurbished.


Finding information on events isn’t too hard once you start looking. Knowing which ones to spend money on and spend a whole day at is not so easy to decide on. Here are some tips to help if you are in the market for craft fairs.

  1. Beware of events that are in their first year or two.
  2. Make sure the event is in a location that has a lot of daily foot traffic.
  3. Check around for comparable prices of the booth sizes and event times.
  4. Make sure you get specific event info before you agree to do the event.
  5. Find out if refunds are available if you are unable to attend the event in the case of an emergency.
  6. Make sure the event coordinator is in constant communication with you and the other vendors of the show.
  7. Talk with others who were vendors at previous events.
  8. Find out what kind of advertisement the event has. – This should be reflective of the price. (If the event has a high price and is using only free advertisement such as Facebook or Craigslist as advertisement this is a “red flag”.)
  9. Find out if the event is mostly direct sales (i.e. Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, etc.) or focusing on handmade.
  10. Make a list of what you think a successful event means to you.

I have done very few craft/vendor fairs so I can’t gauge too much on my experience. However, I can say the experience I did have it helped me make my decision. I will be staying away from the typical vendor events that attract mostly direct sales. I will keep my eye out for locations that look fun and unique.


In December went to such a location at the Back Bar Craft Fair located at The Crocodile in the Belltown district of Seattle. The cozy event was small and personable with talented ladies and a great neighborhood. I would have never hung out in Belltown or even know where to go if I hadn’t signed up for this event. What made it great was the limited number of crafters. It didn’t end up having a lot of people but, I had fun.


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