First Fiber Festival

I follow many knitters and yarn companies on my Instagram account. The yarn community is so active, full of gatherings and fun events to attend. I found out about Knit City last year a little too late. It’s the Stitches Canadian version held in Vancouver.  None of the Stitches events are as close as to me as Vancouver so I really wanted to attend. I found out a little too late and wouldn’t have had enough cash to purchase all the yarn and classes to make it worth my while of going. But, I have a goal for next year.

This year, so far, a co-worker of mine at Ben Franklin told me about Madrona Fiber Arts. This was only in Tacoma and held at a downtown hotel conference room. I was too late to sign up for classes, but I had to check out the vendors. I was so glad I did!

Thankfully I showed up early and found a parking spot, which isn’t always easy in Tacoma with my husband’s big Ford F-150. This fiber festival is small and low key. Knowing I wasn’t going to any classes I focused on all the vendor booths.


I was so excited to see Carol Milne and her knitted glass sculptures which has stormed social media. I enjoyed watching her assemble her art and chatting with her.

Obviously, there was a lot of yarn to look at and touch. My main goal, however, was to find a hanging wall organizer for my circular needles. I know can make one, but with all my knitting and classes, I don’t even have enough time to blog, let alone sew an organizer. I was not successful in meeting my goal but the Chicken Boots booth had tons of coordinated organizers of other sorts. Plus, it had a cute name.


Since I haven’t been able to travel to Brainbridge Island I was happy to visit the Church Mouse Yarns booth. They brought their knit tumblers and featured the new Brooklyn Tweed yarns. I was so tempted to break the bank at this booth and at many others.


I restrained myself and only bought two different skeins of yarn from one booth, Friea Fingerig in  Neopolitan and Elemental Affects Civility Fingering in City Shadow.  My ultimate find was at the Acorn Street Shop booth where I found Knitting Fresh Brioche by Nancy Marchant. Nancy had a class at the event, but sadly I wasn’t in time to sign up. I have fallen in love with brioche knitting and had actually been searching for a pattern book. It’s so new and trending that there isn’t a lot of resources out there. I plan on using both the yarns I purchased to make something from this book. That is, after I’ve finished some of my other projects. HA!

The next event I plan on going to is the Shepherds Extravaganza at the Puyallup Spring Fair. This is in April so I won’t have to wait too much longer.


3 thoughts on “First Fiber Festival

  1. I’m going to a fiber festival next month to shop; I didn’t sign up for classes. They are so wonderful! I love seeing all the knitwear the other attendees are rocking, and the booths are like going to treasure island. So glad you had a good time.

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