Fastest Socks in the West

Small confession I will share with you up front – socks have been my nemesis for many of my knitting years. There are many aspects in the technique of making socks that I found hard to grasp. Gusset? Heel turn? Gauge? Yikes!

I bought a great reference book, Sensational Knitted Socks, that helped me with all the terminology and figuring out sizing. The author, Charlene Schurch,  erased all the mystification of how to knit socks and had wonderful patterns to try. I made a basic ribbed sock for a friend of mine but I’m pretty sure they were too big for him. I never found out if they fit or not. Maybe that’s for the best.

After I made that pair -my first – I didn’t think about knitting socks for many years. However, I kept coming across such beautiful sock weight yarn that begged me to knit them into lovely socks. I finally bought two skeins of Madelinetosh sock weight yarn. They sat on my yarn shelf (literally an old book shelf that I’ve filled with yarn) for about 6 months waiting for me to be ready to commit time to make something beautiful.


Not wanting to fall victim to ‘second sock syndrome’ I knew I had to try learning two at a time. With my huge (no, I think ‘curvy’ is a nicer term) calves I didn’t want to have socks with a tight ribbing, either. So, two at a time toe up is what I wanted. It didn’t take long for me to find a wonderful tutorial at KnitFreedom. I found it on YouTube first when I couldn’t sleep one night and I devoured all the videos as long as my eyes would stay open.

I made my first pair in less than a week, starting on Super Bowl Sunday and being done by Thursday. I had so much fun making them but, I over estimated how tight I knit and messed up slightly on the gusset. They won’t work as socks but more like slipper socks I can wear at home. 


Superbowl Sock Knitting
On my second pair I kept those mistakes in mind and they fit so much nicer.


Yarn: Lion Brand Sock Ease
I will be sharing my new knowledge with my knitting class with a four part class for those who want hands on help learning how to do this technique. So, if you want to knit the fastest socks in the west (or at least the Bonney Lake, WA area) check out this link to sign up for classes in April!

Ben Franklin Crafts



9 thoughts on “Fastest Socks in the West

  1. Good for you for tackling your nemesis! I’ve resisted sock knitting so far too, afraid of the whole heel thing. And I’d have to do two at a time too. Maybe someday, when I get tired of making hats. 🙂

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    1. You sound like me! It’s the heels that are cause for concern. Plus the only pair I knit was out of Noro. They developed holes the third time I wore them. Now I understand the difference between sock yarn and single ply.

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