When the Lights Go Down in the Craft Store

The square of the month I’m teaching is offered twice each month.  It is always the first set of students I have always experience some kind of excitement.

Sometimes it’s my instructions that cause too much excitement with confusion. Or it is the new technique that needs a different explanation from me. March’s class for the fair isle knitted square was quite electrifying. That is, one hour into the first class we unexpectedly lost power in the store. The Bonney Lake area does get some good wind, but the grid Ben Franklin is on never seems to loose power, even when all the other shopping plazas loose their power.

My students were doing so well getting the hang of it and didn’t want to loose the momentum. We tried some pretty cool flashlights, but after 15 minutes we all gave up squinting in the dark when the store didn’t get their power back and had to close.

Phones not bright enough.

In order to honor their commitment we will be rescheduling a class for them to be able  to make up the time lost.

You can’t see gray very well in the dark

In my second class my students had power through out the whole class. They did very well, figuring out how not to twist their floats, knitting with two hands and one hand stranding. They also got their monthly square halfway done!

For April’s Alternating Butterfly the focus is on slipping stitches and keeping the stitches evenly gauged. I’ve used this pattern as a prep for May’s class of twisted stitches which will in turn prep for June’s cable focus.


I think my students will have fun with this one as they see how quickly the square comes together. The design looks very complicated but the technique was simple.

May’s Arches square sample is completed, but I have to transfer all my notes to written pattern. I’ve learned the hard way to keep very meticulous notes while I am knitting my sample. In the first class I found out the hard way that I didn’t do so well with that. Luckily, the error was an easy fix since it was a simple pattern.

So, enough procrastination, I better get back to work.



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