This Is Your Brain on Retail

If you listen really closely you can hear a squishy, sloshy sound. What is it and where is it coming from you ask? It’s coming from my tiny brain deep inside my spinning head. I was finally able to sit down with my store manager and nail down my new hours (still part time), discuss department things and pricing things and stuff. Yes, lots of stuff.

Wall of Cascade

I’m taking charge of a department with out being taught step by step how to do it. And that’s a little unnerving, to say the least. Some places when you get hired you shadow someone and they walk you through the processes and guidelines. When I was first hired and worked in the bead department that’s how the training went. 

Wall of Red Heart

This time I had to jump in with both feet on kind of short notice with a very sharp learning curve. But, I’m learning that all I have to do is ask for help.
The first week so far has been exhausting. The whole department needs a good freshen and that requires moving skeins and skeins of yarn. Moving yarn is slow work but the vision I hope to put to reality will be worth it.

Yes, those are Addi

The annual Ben Franklin Sidewalk sale could not have happened at a better time. Two lines of discontinued Cascade Yarn still on the shelves had to go. Prepping for the sidewalk sale was the perfect time to get rid of them. Walking through our wonderful yarn department I took stock of other lines not selling or obvious gaps that need to be filled.

Wall of Baby Yarn

 I will be making a list of other lines and products with total prices and handing it to my store manager to look over. That doesn’t garantee an approval, however. It’s going to take research and following a budget. Even with that the retail industry is tricky. You never know what a customer is going to buy at any given moment. 
Now, let’s get ready for next week!


2 thoughts on “This Is Your Brain on Retail

  1. This is kinda crazy and a little 1987, do they not have any sales or inventory data available? Seems like they’re shooting blind, which is my guess why there’s hardly any BF still around, hard to keep up with WM and auto-replenishing stock.
    I personally love diving in, then I can do it my way, generally more efficient that the way they’ve been doing it, because people never ask why? Just continue doing it the way they have always done it, aggravating!


    1. All Ben Franklin’s are independently owned and some are high tech (like Redmond, WA). The store I work at is a little antiquated – but they are trying to upgrade. It’s hard to pick what systems will work best. It doesn’t help the store if employees are constantly rotating, though. Diving in is the best!


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