Best Busy Book Ever

Creatively talented people are so inspiring and I get the pleasure of working with some of the best! One of my coworkers sews beautiful items for display at the craft store I work at. Her luckily little two year old grandson is the new recipient of this Busy Book. I’m so jealous – jealous of the grandson! He gets to play with this beautiful creation that is going to last a long time.

A work of beauty and love.
Held together with large, heavy duty split rings and covered in lightweight denim means this book cover will last. I’ve seen handmade busy books before, but they have all been bound together permenantly and the child eventually outgrows them. I love the twist of being able to make new pages when needed.

Mazes cover the first page and it’s so cute with little buttons, rick-rack and tough mesh. I could’ve shuttled those buttons around for hours and I know a two year old will be enthralled at least for more than one minute. 

Teaching everyday hygiene to a two year old boy by brushing monkey teeth is genious. The felt monkey and teeth are stitched on tight with a heavy duty plastic pouch for the fabric tooth brush and tooth paste.

Shiny pony beads in a jelly fish form are so cute and fun. Did you notice that it goes from 1 to 10? Now, I’m sure if you had a very disructive kiddo then the paracord sewn in this book could possibly be ripped and then the beads could pop off. But, as long as the child doesn’t carry the book by these ‘tentacles’ then I think there won’t be a problem.

Shapes, shapes, shapes are on the next set of busy pages. Again, a heavy duty pouch to hold the items and little pockets to put them in. So simple, so educational with out the kiddo even knowing! 

Buttons, snaps, Velcro and zippers on the next page reveal familiar faces. Iron transfers for the photos work great here. Bright fabric and plenty to keep busy with.

Another page with matching and heavy duty plastic pouch to keep everything tidy. Lady bugs color coded and little black buttons from 1 to 5 are adorable. 

I Spy! Now that is going to keep a two year old boy busy and quiet for quite awhile. Tough zigzag stitching, heavy duty plastic and bean bag beans combined with simple items make up this very tactile page. You can’t forget to have the page of what to spy for. 

A maze road for the second to last page with animal pony beads kept me busy and entertained. The different colors and crisscross of the ribbon will fascinate a young child and encourage them to problem solve at a young age. 

The last page of this work of art is more pockets, but it also lets them play farmer with out getting dirty. Planting carrots, potatoes, and other felt veggies and then harvesting will give kiddos hours of imaginary play. 

In a world of digital interaction at such young ages this book is a wonderful throw back to when boredom was encouraged. Parents are so afraid to let their child be bored that they forget to let them have imagination. My coworker found most of the ideas for these pages on Pinterest. She combined a lot of different pages she liked and made this book specifically geared toward something her grandson would like.

What a wonderful gift from a wonderfully talented grandma. I know she’s going to have fun sitting with her grandson while he plays with it!


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