Football Season in Latte Land

It’s that time of year again, when the days start getting shorter and the nights a little cooler. The leaves haven’t turned just yet, but you can tell they are having a harder time keeping green. Yes, it’s almost fall and that means pre-season football. And that means all things Blue Friday in the Seattle area.

Washontonians are a pretty laid back bunch, never really committing to anything specifically and always keeping schedules open. We like to hang out in coffee shops and we pretty much have our pick of where to go since each town has at least three coffee stands (not including Starbucks). That open commitment is important up here because when the Mountain is Out – hey plans change. 

So, when a town that has not had a championship team in the area for a while finally gets one all sorts of die hards come out of the woodwork. I know, I know. ‘Those 12th Man fans are all just jumping on the bandwagon’. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there are faithful fans out there that have been through the rough patches from the beginning. Kudos to them. But, the majority are just laid back and their plans changed once the Super Bowl came out. 

I never knew how crazy serious the 12th Man could be until I started working in a craft store. Didn’t know there were so many things Seahawks you could make DIY to prove your fandom. Didn’t know that pretty much anything blue and green could be sold. Which leads me to my department – yarn.

There are two color schemes I always have to make sure I have on hand to feed the Blue Friday fix – old school throw back bright blue and grass green from the days of Steve Largent and the current navy blue and neon green. 

After meeting with the Premire yarns rep I learned they actually did a special design just for the Blue Friday color and it sells all over the country not just here in the Seattle area. They also have a hard time keeping it in stock. Not only that, but Cascade yarns let me know we sell more of the Seattle color in the  Big Wheel line and the blue and green in their other lines than other shops they service in the area. 

That’s some pretty big shoes to fill and to keep on top of. So, I have fully embraced the 12th Manism and made sure to pull all the selections of yarns in the right colors for these fans. Actually, I like the color combo – but I’ve been around it so much all year long that I’m growing weary and it’s only pre-season. With the Mariners doing so well it’s been a nice break from all things Seahawks. I’m not a die hard baseball fan, but I do prefer baseball’s laid back pace over the eardrum breaking decibel loudness of football. I’ve been working on my own Cracker Jack scarf this season and I am a little bit behind on the rows because of the extra store hours and projects I’ve been working on. I like how it’s turning out, though. 

So, as fall approaches I’ll brace myself for Blue Friday and hopefully be able to make a few of those 12th Man fans happy with great yarn selection and fun projects to keep the fandom going strong. Just as long as I have some warm coffee to sip and keep me sane. 


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