Commision Mission

Commission requests from co-workers these past few months have kept me quite busy. An October project requested from our baristas was for bearded Viking hats. Most of the patterns out there are crochet. I’m capable of crochet but not very good or quick. They wanted a total of 3 so I could have designed a netted pattern, but skipped it, tossed that idea and bought Bearded Viking Hat by Holly Priestly.

I have to say, they turned out great – but the girls did an excellent job accessorizing the costume!

About two weeks ago another co-worker wanted some holiday boot cuffs. She tagged me in this picture and as you might be able to tell, it’s a crochet pattern. I know how to crochet, but my knitting is much, much better so I was going to have to make the cuffs in knit.

I have never made boot cuffs because, well… my calf muscles are too big for most boots so putting cuffs on would look ridiculous. These cuffs were so easy and knitted up so quickly that I ended up making more than one pair. Mostly, because after I showed them to my co-worker I had other requests. Since they were so easy I decided to write up the pattern and share it for free.

Here is the PDF link: kringle-cuffs

I made these using the magic loop method because they were a bit too smal for a small circular needle. If you aren’t comfortable with boule pointed needles then I highly recommend magic loop. Tin Can Knits has great tutorials.

You can check it out here : Magic Loop

In order to have a nice streatchy buckle I used Duplicate Stitch. It is simpler than Intarsa but still works if you want to add a small amount of color. There are a few good tutorials out there but I recommend the one from Knit Picks: here.

Have fun making as many as your little fingers can knit up. Challenge yourself with some new techniques on these small items. Feel free to make your own alterations and make them your own. Beware, though – you might end up having to make quite a few once people see how cute they are!


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