When the Lights Go Down in the Craft Store

The square of the month I’m teaching is offered twice each month.  It is always the first set of students I have always experience some kind of excitement. Sometimes it’s my instructions that cause too much excitement with confusion. Or it is the new technique that needs a different explanation from me. March’s class for the … More When the Lights Go Down in the Craft Store

First Fiber Festival

I follow many knitters and yarn companies on my Instagram account. The yarn community is so active, full of gatherings and fun events to attend. I found out about Knit City last year a little too late. It’s the Stitches Canadian version held in Vancouver.  None of the Stitches events are as close as to me as Vancouver … More First Fiber Festival

Small Seattle Events

At the beginning of 2015 I thought for sure I was going the route of craft fairs to sell my knitted items. The Pacific Northwest is full of wonderfully talented artists that make many unique items. As I started investigating locations for craft fairs I found Facebook groups like: Puget Sound Vendors, Crafters & Event … More Small Seattle Events

Baffled by Brioche?

There are some patterns in knitting that we all drool over and think “Ooooh, I can’t wait to try that!” Then we read the pattern and it makes no sense. I’ve said before, I’m a very visual learner, so if I can’t picture the structure of the stitch and pattern then it’s a lost cause. … More Baffled by Brioche?