Trail Of Art

When we bought our first home in 2009 I had no idea how much time I’d end up spending on the public trail just across from our neighborhood. On good weeks I end up taking my dog, Willow, for walks at least 3 – 4 times. On bad weeks, when it just rains all the … More Trail Of Art

Block Party Priority

Pro Knitter Tip: Don’t Use Red Heart Super Saver for Garments Block All of Your Finished Objects The two pro knitting tips above have a lot to do with one another. In order to get a nice, neat, finished look to anything you knit it is important to block your work. However, acrylic yarn, (like … More Block Party Priority

What is normal?

Getting older doesn’t get easy and aging when you have Lupus is exhausting – literally. It was 2001, while still in my 20’s when I was first diagnosed with Lupus and my adventure began with a bang. I had to get my first kidney biopsy right off the bat and shortly after they discovered my … More What is normal?

Where’s the Passion?

WARNING: Facetious Content Ahead. You’ve been warned. If you work in the craft industry or run your own handmade business you will hear the following at least once in your creating lifetime: Person:”Hey, have you seen (insert current viral craft project here)? ” Crafter:”Oh, yes I sure have.” (beginning to wonder where this will lead) Person: … More Where’s the Passion?

Commision Mission

Commission requests from co-workers these past few months have kept me quite busy. An October project requested from our baristas was for bearded Viking hats. Most of the patterns out there are crochet. I’m capable of crochet but not very good or quick. They wanted a total of 3 so I could have designed a … More Commision Mission