Why rainierknitter or About Me


Mt Rainier is always changing from sunrise to sunset and my knitting is always improving from cast-on to cast-off. I am one of the spoiled ones with the perfect mountain view that many in the Pacific Northwest pay big money for. Only, I live in the sticks where the view comes at an agreeable price.

When I first started knitting in 2001 we lived in North Carolina and I had just got off active duty Army to be home with my new baby girl. My goal was to be industrious so I wouldn’t loose my mind after only having her to talk to all day while my husband continued his service. I was bound and determined to cast on 10 stitches and knit 10 rows with out a mistake. I must have ripped out and started my knitting over 1000 times! That’s when I became addicted to knitting – it gave me a chance for do overs.

From that one small goal I pushed myself to make other small goals. Another thing to love with knitting is that no matter how long you’ve been knitting there is always some stitch pattern, bind-off, cast-on or new fashion you can learn. The knitting community is always willing to share their knowledge with others so the craft will always be able to be passed down.

Rainierknitter was started as one small goal many years ago in the hopes of sharing the love of knitting and all things yarn and now I can’t wait to share with you all the great knitting resources I have found (and continue to find).

My ultimate goal is to eventually make my own designs and share them. While I wait to improve with practice I will just have to enjoy finding beautiful patterns from others and trying them out. I hope you find joy in the small tidbits of knitting wisdom and simple blog posts I will be sharing.


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